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Learn Arabic Alphabets with English subtitles

Learn Arabic Numbers

Learn Arabic fruits and vegetables


Learn Chinese Alphabets

Greetings in Chinese

Numbers 0-9 in Chinese


French 101


Names of Fruits in Hindi

Hindi for fun

Greetings and basic expressions

Kannada Alphabets

  • Learn Indian LanguagesLearn to speak Indian languages in English, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil and Telugu languages

  • Learn HindiGreat way to learn the Hindi Language



  • Teaching & Learning SpanishTeaching Spanish to children while maintaining their own language skills.

  • Interactive SpanishAsĂ­SeHace.net is a free website from the Spanish Department at Nottingham High School with lots of interactive exercises to help

  • Spanish videosThis site has videos for Teaching and Learning Spanish

  • Spanish Dictionarynew online resource to learn Spanish (or English) words in a fun way


Learn the Nepali Alphabets

Lets learn Nepali


Learn to count in Burmese Language


  • LinguanautThis website is about phrases, videos and alphabet in many languages

  • Digital DialectsAnimated activities for language learners

  • Mango Languages 11 languages with 100 lessons in each course

  • Foreign Language Learn a foreign Language via SMART Lessons

  • Hello-WorldGames, activities, and songs with Native Speakers

  • Essential phrases in 36 languagesThis website has essential phrases in 36 languages

  • Linguist BlogsAll about language, language learning, how to learn languages, critical thinking, education, learn English, learn foreign langua

  • LangMediaLangMedia has features video clips of interviews and discussions with people from many different countries and of many different

  • Global EnglishGlobal English - Improving business English communication skills of global companies

  • English - Bilingual ExercisesLarry Ferlazzo has links which will lead you to exercises from all languages

  • Simple English Wikipedia Wikipedias are places where people work together to write encyclopedias in different languages. We only use simple English words

  • Frengly Free online translator

  • Bilingual QuizzesQuizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles to help you learn English as a Second Language (ESL)

  • Spanish Dictionarynew online resource to learn Spanish (or English) words in a fun way

  • Live MochaFree social language learning online

  • Language LearningThere are variety of books in French Spanish Italian Chinese Russian

  • Google Translategood tool for students learning a foreign language

  • Quick Translator paste a chunk of text into the translation box and select the language in which you wish to read that text. Quick Translator aut

  • Woiceswoices.com - where the words go

  • Babbel Babbel has Learn Languages Online :: Spanish | French | German | Italian | English

  • Literacy Center Education Network - Play & Learn FrenchLiteracy Center Education Network has many resources to play and learn French

  • Yahoo! Babel FishText Translation and Web Page Translation

  • SpanishPodThis site has latest Spanish lessons

  • VoxSwapThis is a social network for learning languages

  • ForvoForvo is the pronunciation guide. All the words in the world pronounced by native speakers

  • My Happy Planet | My Happy Planet helps you learn & practice English, French, Spanish and More with Partners Around the World

  • REALIA Project The REALIA Project publishes faculty-reviewed media for the teaching and study of modern languages and cultures. Faculty and s

  • palabea.net palabea is a social network site for practicing, learning, teaching and otherwise communicating in foreign languages.

  • 22 Frames22 Frames is a service that provides a central location for locating captioned videos for learning English and for Internet user

  • Lingus TV Lingus TV is a website featuring videos to help viewers learn conversational Spanish. The collection of videos includes lessons

  • CAPLCAPL, Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon, is a project developed by Dr. Michael Shaughnessy at Washington & Jefferson Colleg

  • Open CultureOpen Culture is devoted to the idea of sharing learning opportunities. Open Culture has an extensive list of free resources for

  • Repeat After Us Repeat After Us is an online library of copyright-free English texts and audio recordings. The purpose of Repeat After Us is to

  • iMendi iMendi is a new site, parts of it are still in development, for learning the basic vocabulary of English, Spanish, Portuguese, a

  • VoxyVoxy is an interesting approach to helping ESL students learn English. Voxy uses current articles from world news, pop culture,

  • Word stepsWordSteps is a resource for learning the vocabulary of your choice of nine languages. To start learning vocabulary with WordStep

  • German language resource made by kids for kids, view the videos to hear some basic phrases.