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  • Fairy Tales From Around the World ~This website has Fairy Tales from Around the World to read online or download

  • Folktales ~ This website has Folk tales, fables, & legends for kids from around the world

  • African Folktales ~African Folktales unit provides activities and web resources. Students will also learn the characteristics of various types

  • Folklore, Myth and Legend ~ This site has a lot of Folklore, Myth and Legends.

  • Amar Chitra Katha ~ India children stories at - one-stop online comic book ... Karadi Tales Under The Banyan Folktales · Karadi

  • Indian Fairy Tales ~ Great Indian Fairy Tales worth reading

  • Stories from all over the world ~ Legends, folktales, stories from all over the world

  • Folk Tales from around the world ~ folk tales from many countries grouped by the themes of beauty, brotherly love, cleverness, disobedience, greed, happiness, love

  • Folk Tales ~ Has great folktales from all over the world

  • Tumble Books~ Tumble Books has a lot of resources like new story books, audio books language learning, puzzles, games and more.....

  • Speakaboos ~ Listen to online children’s folktales, fables, fairy tales, nursery rhymes and songs

  • International Book List ~USBBY selects an annual list of Outstanding International Books for children and young adults, which is published each year

  • Inspire My Kids ~ Inspire My Kids is a neat website featuring stories designed to inspire kids to positive actions.

Videos to watch and interact with your children

Hello in different languages

Children’s Zumba

Add and subtraction body part dance

Indoor Energizers

Just Dance Kids - Just the Way You Are

Brain Breaks and Indoor Recess- Following directions

"Yoga brain break" video series!