Practice your keyboarding and Typing Skills in this page with various activities listed below:

Typing Exercises

Typing Web:provides instant feedback after every free typing lesson. Typing Web offers beginner through advanced typing lessons.

Sense Language's typing program creates your own typing activities and has useful timing options and audio feedback features to help develop typing skills.

Exercises in Typing

Typing Test

Good Typing provides lessons designed to use the entire keyboards correctly

Typing Bubble Game

Dance Mat Typing - from the BBC schools

Listen and Write is a great way for students to improve their typing skills and hear about the news.

PowerTyping - online free typing has collection of five typing games and also offers typing lessons for Qwerty and Dvorak keyboards

Word Games offers a large collection of online word games and typing games.


KEYBOARDING GAMESThese free typing exercises are a great way to build typing skills. Keyboarding teaches important skills through a variety of online typing lessons and typing games....

Typing Games ~

Challenging New Games

Try these typing links

Find the Letter Game

Pangrams Test

Practice Once/Then complete without looking at your keyboard

Punctuation Games-Complete at least two.

Alpha Drop Game

Trivia games.

Speed Test

More typing games

Game Aquarium

Free Typing Game

Silly Lessons

Free Online Typing Course

Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day Quiz

Keyboarding Drill Practices

Interesting Speed Game

Typing Test

Type Me - Rescue Game

Proofreading Games

Proofreading Practice/Quiz

Another proofreading quiz

Punctuation Games

More links to keyboarding drills

Improving your Keyboarding Skills