International Festival 2015 ~ "We Are All Branches of the Same Tree"

International Festival 2015~We Are Many We Are One!

I am gathering information about different cultures for our Parent University.
I would like you to fill this form whenever you have some time. You have a rich wealth of knowledge visiting different countries.
I would appreciate if you could fill out the form for the countries you feel comfortable. Thanks and have a great day!

International Festival_The Colors of Home

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Thanksgiving Day is a holiday celebrated in the United States and Canada.

Christmas and Santa Claus?

This is a great website to help your children understand about Santa
This site has everything about St Nicholas: stories, customs, crafts... Who is St. Nicholas? Around the World...How to Celebrate...Events and more.

Who is Santa Claus or St.Nick

Melkem Gena!

Merry Ethiopian Christmas!! (January 7th)

Here is a link if you want to learn more.





Other links about different festivals

Christmas around the World

Christmas Websites

Very simplistic explanations of Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa -

Arthur on PBS

What is Advent? -scroll down to see a picture of an advent wreath

Advent wreath

Hanukkah ~ is the celebration about the miraculous drop of oil that lighted candles for eight days in the Jewish Temple

History of Hanukkah

What Is Hanukkah?

Very simplistic explanation of Hanukkah

(by Arthur, DW and Buster)

New Year

Christmas inMexico

Chinese New Year

Kwanzaa ~ is the celebration about the miraculous strength of the African ancestors who passed down virtue in spite of unimaginable hardships.

Videos about Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa for Kids


Culture questions: Download the document to answer the questions, or click on the link below to fill the online form.

Here is the google docs link.

We Are Many We Are One!